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2017 {#17} “Drug Of Choice” © May 13, 2017

You are my only

Drug of choice

Taking me to euphoric highs

That one as simple as I

Have never experienced before

And like all narcotic drugs

Those binding opioid receptors

They have side effects

How long will it take

For those withdrawals to subside?

The only thing i do know

Is that I will crash and burn for a few days

But, so worth the wonderful high of “YOU”

The moment of total peace

Was when I laid my head against your chest

Just listening to your heart


For so long

I had wanted to ask

But I was afraid

What the heck

This time I asked

And you said it was alright

Freak that I am

I can still hear your heart


Music within your chest that makes me so very happy

And then

You took me so far beyond that point

Euphoric highs of ecstasy

But now as for the future

Finding that next big fix

It might not ever happen again

As you are my only

Drug of choice


Photo by me…FIFI


2017 {#1} “And So The Story Goes” © January 2, 2017

And so the story goes

The Prince lived happily ever after 

And as for the Princess

With a puff of smoke

She turned into a frog

And cast 

Into the dampest, darkest swamp

Hidden deep inside his Realm 

During a lavish dinner party

Mr. Prince dines on bacon crusted steak

While the Princess now devours maggots

That are crawling 

Out of the past female debutants

That have been cast aside

By the Princely creature known as Man

One after another

The females all die

And so the story goes

The sun rises once again

Over his glamorous Kingdom  

This time his prey will be

An unsuspecting servant girl

While coffee is being served

The Prince looks straight into her eyes

Instantly, she becomes mesmerized  

He is the most beautiful man

That she has ever seen

He cups his hands around her face

Then says,

“Let’s get this over with.”

He kisses her passionately

She melts into him

He takes her

And makes her

His play thing

But only for one day

When that instant is over

He is forever finished with her

She will then be released into the swamp

To croak


And devour the maggots  

That are crawling out of 

His past female debutant whores

That at an earlier time

Were all cast aside 

Just the same

By the hands of the Prince

And so the story goes


{I did not take this picture. It is borrowed}

“THE FROG” by Vonda Harp  9-23-2016

Vicki, Vicki

She’s our girl

Vicki, Vicki

She will give you a twirl  

If you see her with a big smile

Know that she just talked

To Vince Vance for awhile

When she’s feeling down and out

We know what that is all about

Her Prince Charming has become a frog

And he’s acting like a dog

Don’t worry, Vicki

About a thing

You will find somebody better

And wear his ring

“LOVE YOU GIRL”, Vonda….

{#46} “After All, He Is Vince Vance”© July 22, 2016

  I did notice that he was wearing the bright red scarf that I gave him last November when we met in Las Vegas for a convention he was attending. I will wager the odds that he doesn’t remember where he got that scarf. It is rich with the color red with black music notes running up and down the full length. I bought it two years ago in Dallas when I came to visit him the very first time. 

 Tonight was filled with costumes that I had never seen before. He looked so handsome, as always. I wanted to hold him so badly when he came out in the gold lamè jacket. So soft would the touch have been. 

  He did take the time to say a few chosen sweet words but I’ve heard him say the very same chosen words to other women of the night too. I felt a hidden coldness even when he pulled himself into my personal space, pulling off his glasses, looking to me straight in the eyes, {I cling tightly to the memory of his beautiful blue eyes looking into mine} and he said, “Why would I lie? I have no reason to lie to you” I held his beautiful face in my hands, that I can still feel. That was the extent of our chitchat. I am crying as I write these words. He has no time for me…

After All, He Is Vince Vance


“Crushed Petals” by Vonda Harp 1-23-2016

Like a flower
Her uniqueness forms into something beautiful
But you
You see her as just a fan
You say she is like the others
She is an individual
Hoping for you to see her as such
Her name is Vicki
She may seem hard and tough on the outside
But no
She is like a delicate flower
Waiting to bloom
To show off her beauty
You have seen her at full bloom
You have picked her petals
One by one
Just to watch them fall on the floor
To be stomped and crushed
You think nothing of it
To you its fun and games
It is torture
As I see her die
And only a bare stem is left
The beauty is gone
Will she come to full bloom again
Or is she dead forever

-Vonda Harp-

My friend Vonda wrote this for me. There are a few more.

{#104} “Sincerely. -v ” © September 19, 2015


This was the last letter
That he wrote to her
And it was signed
Sincerely.   -v
It sounded so cold
You could feel it
All the way through to your bones
He so obviously 
Does not care about her
Tears filled her eyes
As she was thinking about
All the other letters
That he had sent to her
Over the years
They were written with love
Talking about life
Sharing deep secrets
Coldness reads throughout his words
They were written like this….
“I have many emails daily.”
“I am so sorry
That I can’t address yours
More attentively.”
Again Brrrrr 
It seems as if
Her letters to him
No longer take precedence over the others
She no longer mattered to him
He must have someone new to talk to
And no courage to let her know
Just a Dear Fifi
Sincerely.   -v


{#96} “Prince Fuckem’over” © September 11, 2015


I hereby knight you
Prince Fuckem’over
“I love you
Can you feel it?
Did you just read it?”
You arrogant son of a bitch
That is what you wrote to her
Your raven haired little princess
Playing your game like a pro
Played us all
But it only lasts until you get her
We are the faithful
Who followed you everywhere
Who long for and cherish 
Any attention we can get from you
Someone should write a new fairytale 
Just about you
Prince Fuckem’over 
You are a wise man
Always thinking from your heads
The one on top of your head
But most of your thinking
Seems to come
From yet your other head
The one on top of your cock
And you have fucked us all with that one
You were my Prince 
My knight in shinning armor
I was so in love with you
Pardon my pun
As I am not too articulate in my words
With that being said
I hereby knight you
Prince Fuckem’over 
It’s so hard to speak from the heart
When it is broken
And being totally in love with a Prince
It’s just not worth it any longer
Hey Prince….
Can you feel that?
Did you just read it?