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2017 {#20} “First/Last” © May 30, 2017

For the very first time

Their kisses 

Were totally in sync 

So comfortable 

Was his mouth touching hers

A lifetime of memories 

Rolled into that one experience 


That is all it will ever be

A memory

Never to happen again

Little did she know

That an incident like that

Those kisses of perfection 

Would be occurring 

For the very last time



2017 {#21} “FINISHED” © June 2, 2017

After He was finished

All she did was go to the bathroom

Upon walking out to rejoin him

She notices

That everything he had requested her to bring

For their weekend alone together

Was thrown into a bag

And resting up against their motel room door

Breaking her heart

She takes the bag and leaves


That they will never be together again

He was finished