2018 {#9} “He Loved Me” © March 16, 2018


2018 {#8} Heavens to Betsey…After all it was just ‘1974’ © March 16, 2018

It was just 1974

A time of innocence

Our young minds and bodies were pure

There was no political correctness

He was my warrior

Some say to use the term Native American

But, Heavens to Betsey

It was just 1974

No one was offended

At that time in my life

Even if it was for only a few weeks

He was my world

Chaos and turmoil was everywhere

We were so young

He was a solid foundation

And I felt safe with him

After all it was just



Photo by Fifi and I am Fifi

2018 {#7}”Searching for Ghosts” © March 15, 2018

Roadtrip one says

There’s nothing here

Severe drought dries up the frail heart

Let’s go

Forging ahead into the past

Searching for Ghosts

In no particular direction

Seattle maybe?

The last known residence

Of someone actually caring

Maybe he waits

Alone in that park

His acoustic guitar still playing in the wind

Roadtrip one says

But would there be

Enough life left in this dying heart

To find that past in the future

I am

Searching for Ghosts


Photo by fifi and I am fifi

2018 {#5} “Woodland Park Zoo/Seattle,Washington 1974” © March 14, 2018

The song “Come and Get Your Love” just brought back a rush of lost memories. Good memories. In 1974 I was living in Seattle, Washington. I went to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle every day as an escape from moving around so much. I was in the 10th grade. One day…I was being blinded by a young man playing guitar. He had been watching me and wanted to meet me but he was too shy to approach so he let the sun reflect off of his guitar and highlight me. He was a handsome Indian boy (Native American) about the same age as me and played his guitar so beautifully. He had very long flowing dark brown hair. We became friends very fast with him introducing me to his family. My family only stayed in Seattle a few weeks but our friendship was tight. When I told him my family was moving again he refused to even say good bye. His father (or male figure) said that he had fallen in love with me and it hurt him too much that I was leaving. I wish that I could remember his name. We moved to the Portland area for another few weeks then back to California. Times were stressful. I had totally forgotten about this until I saw the Redbone video. What a powerful rush.

I think his name was Al


2018 {#4} ” I Don’t Want To Stay” © February 1, 2018

Drink more water

Eat more bananas

That’s not going to help

Depression has a stranglehold on me

Can’t anyone see this?

No one wants to be around me

Maybe it’s more like

I don’t want to be around them

On my days off from work

I don’t want to do anything

I don’t even bother to get dressed


I tell my kids that I am dying




Do they hear me?

Does anyone hear me?


I now know why

My Mom just sat there

Day in and day out

Drinking her alcohol

Smoking cigarette after cigarette

Watching TV

Not doing anything

Not living

There’s just no reason for anything

I don’t want to stay here anymore


Photo by fifi

Music…Need I say more?