2017 {#15} “I AM BEAUTIFUL” © May 12, 2017


2017 {#13} “I DON’T BELONG”©  May 7, 2017


Just be with me in the moment

You don’t have to worry

I know that I don’t belong in your circle

I promise not to follow you around

Like a lovesick puppy

I would just like to enjoy your company

For as long as I possibly can

I know that I don’t fit

The clothes

The jewelry 

The money

And all that attitude 

I just don’t belong in your circle of friends


Just let me enjoy your company

If only for a moment


2017 {#10} “He’s In Love” © April 12, 2017

I’m honestly happy for him

He’s in love

It’s taken many years 

For him to fall in love like this again

A sincerely giddy kind of love

He found that one in a million diamond

And she’s such a lucky girl

Can I tell you a secret?

I also found a love like that

Butterflies filling my soul

I smile for no apparent reason

Other than the fact I am thinking of him

It has taken many years

For me

To fall in love like that

I love this man whole heartedly 

But as the story goes

He’s in love

And “SHE” 

Is such a lucky girl

Sucks to be me


2017 {#9} “You’re Mad?” © April 5, 2017

You’re mad?

At Me?

Maybe rethinking this should be an option 

Whether I said it or not is totally irrelevant 

Maybe you should be asking yourself

“Does my lifestyle merit such rumors?”

I’ve been asked certain questions

If I don’t know the answer

I tell them, “I don’t know”

I don’t make up crap

And I certainly don’t lie about it

Why are these women asking me anyway?

And if you are mad at me


Don’t play this silent game

Tell me if you’re pissed

OR tell me to FUCK OFF

Do not go silent


You leave me to wonder WTF

I’m guessing here

That our friendship means absolutely nothing to you

You’re mad?

At me?

I don’t think so

You must be mad at yourself

Letting life get so out of hand

You really need to grow up little man


I don’t think so


Photo by: fifi

Music…Need I say more?