2017 {#17} “Drug Of Choice” © May 13, 2017


You are my only

Drug of choice 

Taking me to euphoric highs

That one as simple as I

Have never experienced before

And like all narcotic drugs

Those binding opioid receptors

They have side effects

How long will it take

For those withdrawals to subside?

The only thing i do know 

Is that I will crash and burn for a few days 

But,  so worth the wonderful high of “YOU”

The moment of total peace 

Was when I laid my head against your chest

Just listening to your heart


For so long

I had wanted to ask 

But I was afraid 

What the heck

This time I asked

And you said it was alright

Freak that I am

I can still hear your heart


Music within your chest that makes me so very happy

And then

You took me so far beyond that point

Euphoric highs of ecstasy 

But now as for the future

Finding that next big fix

It might not ever happen again 

As you are my only

Drug of choice


Photo by me…FIFI


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