2017 {#6} “Everlasting Glimmer Of Hope” © February 16, 2017

You will never, ever know

The loneliness I hold

So deeply within myself

Burning to explode 

And there are no words to explain this

All those lonely nights

Of waiting alone in the dark

Broken promises you whispered only to me

Never really meaning to be fulfilled 

You aren’t the first one

But I kept believing in you

You couldn’t be all that bad….could you?

A Glimmer of hope?



Those promises were never going to happen

There have been just 



And more promises made with every phone call

Ones that you have no intentions of keeping

You don’t even remember what you’ve said or to whom

Over the years

There have been others too

That have made devotional promises of love and romance

Never kept

As for me

Always waiting

Always alone in the dark

My heart and soul hurt

Too many years of this crap 

And I’m just too tired to go on anymore 

When you do call me

It’s a temporary euphoria 

I know it’s all a nicely wrapped package of rehearsed lies

I’m sure they’ve been said to others before me

They build up my hopes

Again and again

Just to let me fall flat on my ugly face

I guess you will never know

The loneliness I hold within myself

No, you weren’t the first

But only you 

Will be my very last


Glimmer of hope



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