2017 {#4} “Harry and the Bug Bite” © January 12, 2017

Last night, frantic, Harry comes running to me saying he’s been bit or stung by something. It hurts…It really hurts, Mom. He’s holding his hand tightly and almost crying.. For Heaven’s Sake… Let me look at it. It has an indentation and doesn’t look like a bite. Let’s go look in your bedroom for this bug. It hurts it…it hurts up my arm! We turn on the light and see nothing. He said he was on the floor. There is old food particles but nothing to leave that big of a dent.  They just sprayed for critters but ya never know!!! I asked him to let me see it one more time before heading to the ER. The “bite” is on his left hand. Harry is left handed. Well,  Low and behold….on his bed…. his bowl, with half eaten cantaloupe…”HARRY, you were holding your spoon too tightly while digging out chunks of cantaloupe. He looks at his hand again then looks at me. His smile said it all.


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