2017 {#2} “No Light” © January 8, 2017

There is no light

At the end of my pen

It’s all just too overwhelming  

So many things

That are rushing my head

All in a non positive way

I trash countless poems and stories

Trying to better myself

But I just can’t do it

I will never be happy again

Just so tired of it all

Tired of faking it for the public

Alone in my struggles

There is nobody left for me to talk to

My Mother’s ashes can’t hear 

They can’t give me a comforting hug

Or tell me

“Everything’s going to be okay”

My son doesn’t mentally understand

I can’t talk to him either

I’m just not doing anyone, any good

Haven’t even gotten dressed today  

Why should I 

Nobody will ever know

It’s been 6 days

Since I recieved the message

“I think of you so often”

Yeah, right

Nobody ever really thinks of me

There is no light


{photo by fifi and I am fifi}


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