2014 “The Arboreta”  © January  5, 2014

“The Arboreta”….written by fifi 1-5-2014

The old Arboreta has been empty for years. Probably for decades. I have always loved this building. Deciding to sketch the old house, I bring all my supplies to an opening in the backyard. Scents and sights are elated by overgrown trellises filled with sweet honeysuckle. I layback on my blanket and forget about everything. I fall asleep in the warmth of the day. Awakening to birds bustling in the hedges. I sit up and start to sketch when I notice HIM…a shadow in the window…looking out…looking straight at me. I continue to sketch but I start a new one…a sketch of HIM. His face is empty but beautiful all the same. As the daylight turns to darkness…I finish the portrait of HIM. I pack up my belongings, all the while feeling his gentle stare. My mind is wild with thoughts of HIM. Who is this man? I can’t sleep…tossing…turning. At the crack of dawn I am back at the Arboreta…. Searching for the right spot to sit and continue sketching where I left off. My sketch of HIM is done, so I continue with the old building. He is not here. Where is he? Nothing. Was it just my imagination? Days go by and the sketch of the Arboreta is complete. This will be my last day. I pack up for the last time. He is here! …Watching me. I stand there…watching HIM. He raises his hands to form a heart… I also follow his moves to make a heart. He lowers his head and backs away. Night has fallen and he is gone. Now, there is no need for me to return…but I do. Day after Day. Week after Week…Nothing. I walk up to the window where I saw HIM. I post the sketch that I drew of HIM on the same window…His beautiful but empty face….The face that I dearly miss…….



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