2017 {#1} “And So The Story Goes” © January 2, 2017

And so the story goes

The Prince lived happily ever after 

And as for the Princess

With a puff of smoke

She turned into a frog

And cast 

Into the dampest, darkest swamp

Hidden deep inside his Realm 

During a lavish dinner party

Mr. Prince dines on bacon crusted steak

While the Princess now devours maggots

That are crawling 

Out of the past female debutants

That have been cast aside

By the Princely creature known as Man

One after another

The females all die

And so the story goes

The sun rises once again

Over his glamorous Kingdom  

This time his prey will be

An unsuspecting servant girl

While coffee is being served

The Prince looks straight into her eyes

Instantly, she becomes mesmerized  

He is the most beautiful man

That she has ever seen

He cups his hands around her face

Then says,

“Let’s get this over with.”

He kisses her passionately

She melts into him

He takes her

And makes her

His play thing

But only for one day

When that instant is over

He is forever finished with her

She will then be released into the swamp

To croak


And devour the maggots  

That are crawling out of 

His past female debutant whores

That at an earlier time

Were all cast aside 

Just the same

By the hands of the Prince

And so the story goes


{I did not take this picture. It is borrowed}


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