{#83} “I Might Like You Better If I Got To Know The Real You” part 1 © December  17, 2016

“I might like you better if I got to know the real you”? 

Classic line there Romeo

Right out of a Shakespeare movie

And I fell for it 

Guess what?

I’ve become friends with a few of your other women

They talk and I just listen

We tend to be so happy

When you take the time out of your busy schedule  

To call us


This only happens

While you are driving a lonely 5+ hour stretch

Moving onward to your next Big Show


No wonder you couldn’t call me back

No time

I was just a number 

On that list you scroll down while driving

One by one

The countless women you are calling

As you touch base with all of them and me

Hello Honey  

You’ve got a woman in every Port

So they say

You make them feel like they are so special 

They don’t know about your list

And I’m not telling them

I don’t want to be the one to burst their bubble


It will happen soon enough  

It just took a long time for me 

To see through your bullshit


“Hi!   Just thought I would call.   I had some free time…”


Free time my ass

You’re only calling because you’re driving and bored

You never just call when you are at home

That is because there are so many other women 

Docked into your Home Port

My ship will be leaving now…..


{photo by fifi and vicki is fifi}


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