{#72} “The Stalker” © October 9, 2016

The Earl of Duke

Ms Senior America/Senior Texas


Dukey calls her


As I see it

She’s just a high maintenance bitch


Nothing on her is original anymore  

But that’s the way Dukey likes it

Be it so

After blocking her from his accounts

Then talking shit about her

Dukey lets her back into his life

I’m done with it all

She can now take care of him


They can both grow old together

…pun intended…

I wish them many, many “YEARS” of bliss

…pun intended…

Combined ages equal 137

And for the rest of Dukey’s life


Will be his winning prize

To love and honor 

I am so over this part of my life


Unfriended me a few years ago

Now my turn bitch

But hey 

All is totally forgiven

The two of them together  

A virtuoso of plastic

One physically  

One mentally

Role models of perfection


I don’t need their bullshit

Goodbye Ms Senior Texas

Goodbye to the Earl of Duke

You both make me puke



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