{#71} “Precautions” © October 10, 2016

You take no precautions  

And yet

There is such an electrical persuasion  

And with all honesty  

I do appreciate the thought

Time and effort  {or lack of it}

That is executed on your behalf

But the next time my response will be


You take no precautions  

With your avant-garde lifestyle  

Spreading your seeds

Through a wild flower garden of women

It makes me feel like I could catch something

Critters, to say the least

Bugs that go bump in the night

And you scare me


Living that nonexistent 

Precautionary lifestyle stance on sex

As sex meaning nothing to you

Except for a good time

Supposedly being had by all concerned


Obviously from my minds eye 

I mean absolutely nothing to you in all of this


Standing firm on solid ground

This time my response is


As you take no precautions  

To provide safe sex to the masses

To yourself

I decline 



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