{#63} “This Poet Wrote”©  September 13, 2016

Tisk, Tisk 

This poet wrote

He lives to be wild

Lives to be free


Abusing love along the way

And everybody loves him

Tisk, Tisk

Guess what Luvie

Abusing this love 

Is just not acceptable  

Why play her?


It will all stop

There are so many more to choose from

That endless supply of women

To fuck with

Night in 

Night out

Tisk, Tisk

Once having a vivacious effervescent heart

With so much love to give freely

Bleeding mahogany rust

Turning it to sedimentary rock

Never more

As Poe wrote

Never more

One last invite

One last decline

Never more

Tisk, Tisk

This poet wrote 

The End



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