{#61} “Aunt Alice” © September  3, 2016

   God bless my Aunt Alice. I loved spending time with her. There are so many wonderful memories locked up in my brain and I feel the need to share. 

…I am the story teller…

   One of the last times that I spent the night with her, I woke up really early and went downstairs to make coffee. I was quiet as a church mouse!  The can that I pulled down from the cupboard read “Folger’s” and the aroma of fresh coffee quickly filled the house. But this smell was different, much sweeter and richer. I, being a total black coffee drinker, need this beverage  first thing in the morning. Then when taking my first sip….SHOCK. Ive been poisoned. What the heck did I do wrong? I know that I can’t cook but I’ve always been able to make good coffee. I’m scared of what I just made but I drank it anyway as I needed morning caffeine to enter my system. Too late anyway if I  was poisoned. 

  Later, when Aunt Alice woke up, she poured herself a cup and thanked me for the greatest cup of coffee. What? The poison? I told her that it tasted really bad to me. She then explained that it was Hazelnut coffee, not Folger’s inside the can and I was not poisoned. We laughed and drank more coffee together.

I miss you Aunt Alice.


{photo by fifi}


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