{#52}  “The Kettle”© August 3, 2016


   Someone needs to remember my stories. They are about my family. This kettle once belonged to Mae Lucille Gibbons, my Grandmother.

    In 1957, when my mother, Sharon Joan Ippen, married my father, William Gene Gibbons, Mae gave Sharon this dutch oven right out of her kitchen. Mae was such a wonderful cook and many of my childhood memories evolve around the smells emanating out of her tiny but adequate kitchen. Mae taught Sharon many cooking techniques that made her the wonderful cook that I remember.

   In 1969, Sharon brought the kettle to California when her then husband Eugene Thomas Forrest moved us all. He passed away. Then in 1992, Sharon and her last husband, my Poppa, Joseph Leo Courtois, moved to Arizona taking me with them. Poppa loved her cooking. She used the kettle nonstop for almost every meal. Sharon didn’t eat much herself but fed anyone who came to her door. I remember one extremely cold Halloween. She always made a huge kettle of chili on Halloween. That night many Trick or Treaters recieved candy and their parents a bowl of hot chili and cocoa.

Grandma Gibbons and my mother are both angels in heaven and I now have the kettle.


Someone needs to remember my stories.


{photo by fifi}


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