{#50} “Me and The Moon “© July 27, 2016

Good Morning Moon

More than anything else

I love the Moon  

It is always up in the sky

For me to talk to

And I can see the Moon

I talk to God a lot too

But I can’t see him

I pray 

To have just a little peace in my life  

And to help me 

Fill a void

Inside this tired heart of mine

God knows that I have loved  

But I have never been “In Love”

And never feeling that love in return

I am so alone on this earth  

And I just don’t want to be anymore

There is no joy

As I sit outside

I am looking up 

And there is a beautiful sunset

Filled with rich orange and pink hues

Will soon be gone  

It is a temporary euphoria  

Life is temporary too

When there is never any love  

It is useless

I am just a burden 

To no one

And I don’t belong here

I was a mistake  

My only friend

I am looking up to you

You are my Moon

My secret Moon

I’ll blow you a kiss

Then say

Good night

For it’s only 

Me and the Moon




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