{#48} “Our Sons”© July 26, 2016

” 1.) My son was in town”

Yes, I am quoting you

Does this mean that I should be impressed 

With your so called love and devotion  

For family

I drove 9 hours to see my son


Then drove another 9 hours back home

The very next day I had to work

Which I did with much excitement  

As I was leaving directly after work

To drive 18 hours

To see you

But my plans suddenly changed

I received a phone call

That put a stop to all my plans

The call was from your son

He was stopping by to spend the night

He was on a trip to Dallas

To see you

Just like me

Change of plans

1.) Your son was in town. 

And I was spending some time with him.

The next morning

Slept in a few extra hours longer

Then we all left at the same time

On that 18 hour drive

To see you

Therein lies the rub

“To see you”

That didn’t happen 

You couldn’t find any time

For my son and I

On your itemized list

Reason #1

” 1.) My son was in town 

And I spent some time with him.”

Should I really be impressed  

Never mind the bollocks

Your son

A fine gentleman  

Is welcome to come and visit

Stay a few nights 

In my house

Anytime he wants or needs to

Your son or my son

I see and feel no differences

Our sons will always come first

I shan’t bother you again

My mistake

My apologies  



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