{#47} “Ouch”© July 23, 2016

He says

“You have a life.”

“I do too.”


That really hurt


Who does He think saved my life?

He did

He stuck by me

Pulled me out of the gates of Hell

Without him

I would have died

Would not have bothered me a bit

To end this so called life

I did not care about anything

But He did 

At that time, anyway

He must have seen something good in me

But that was then

Taking it back a few months ago

Over the phone

He asked me a question

VV: “What am I to you?”

Does He remember my answer?

VV: “What? I couldn’t hear you?”

So without hesitation  

I repeated myself louder

With more confidence  

Does He remember?

I thought not

Because He has a life

Oh, silly me

For thinking that I 

Might be a small minute part of of his

Obviously not

Now Damned

For still having life in mine

He doesn’t have time for me?

Fair enough

I completely understand 

I’ll walk away

But first

VV asked, “What am I to you?”

I shall repeat myself for the last time

With I deep breath that I am taking in

Now exhaling 

Without hesitation  

“My Everything”

He says I have a life

I think not



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