{#46} “After All, He Is Vince Vance”© July 22, 2016

  I did notice that he was wearing the bright red scarf that I gave him last November when we met in Las Vegas for a convention he was attending. I will wager the odds that he doesn’t remember where he got that scarf. It is rich with the color red with black music notes running up and down the full length. I bought it two years ago in Dallas when I came to visit him the very first time. 

 Tonight was filled with costumes that I had never seen before. He looked so handsome, as always. I wanted to hold him so badly when he came out in the gold lamè jacket. So soft would the touch have been. 

  He did take the time to say a few chosen sweet words but I’ve heard him say the very same chosen words to other women of the night too. I felt a hidden coldness even when he pulled himself into my personal space, pulling off his glasses, looking to me straight in the eyes, {I cling tightly to the memory of his beautiful blue eyes looking into mine} and he said, “Why would I lie? I have no reason to lie to you” I held his beautiful face in my hands, that I can still feel. That was the extent of our chitchat. I am crying as I write these words. He has no time for me…

After All, He Is Vince Vance



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