*{#44}  “The Devil Will Dance”© July 21, 2016

The devil dances in Dallas

Sweaty bastard

The serpent snake slithers unrepentantly close

Giving me an emotionless hug

Beat me down demon

No more

Here and now  

This valet has stopped 

You never tipped anyway

So what was the point?

Carrying my cross high above my head

Don’t even dare 

To come close to my weaknesses

The ones that you know so well

Playing upon them  

Destroying my fragile soul 

No more

I will burn your heartless carcass in a second

You are totally unable to give love

Love that I desperately long for

You had me fooled


No more

I will dance

And probably with you

As you are my Devil

My sin

My everything

Because, I like the way you feel

Not the way you leave me

With a consistent hunger

And craving for a taste of you

Always wanting more and more

Then you respond with nothing

Dark, cold, empty nothingness

Now damn it

I fucking want more  

But I will not allow it 


No more

My Devil takes only what he wants

Then spits out the remaining aftermath  

With a lustful gleam in his eyes

He says…


Taking on another unsuspecting  

Brown, doe-eyed girl

Barely over the legal age of 18

The Devil Will Dance




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