{#37} “Essence of the Tick” © May 30, 2016


Living within me
Is the essence of the Tick
I can not seem to shake
Or brush it off
A little hermit
The Tick
Burrowing ever deeper into my soul
Never to leave me alone
Right now
I can feel it pulsing inside
This includes every second
Of every day
My heart also ticks
With the ticking tick of the Ticks own heartbeat
A well written fairytale curse
This Tick came in disquise
A very dapper
Well dressed man
Swift was His serpent tongue 
That wrapped tightly around my heart
Thrusting the pointed tip
Directly inside stopping all blood flow
My heart can only keep to a consistent beat
That mimicks His heavy rhythmic motion of
Mirrored neutrons 
What does the future hold
If he
The Tick
Were to ever let go of His grip
And to leave me
I would surely plunge head first
Into an ocean of deep despair
A cold
Lonely grave of doom
I just can’t seem to shake
Or brush Him off
And at this point in time
I would never want to
It is the essence of the Tick 
That keeps me alive



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