“Crushed Petals” by Vonda Harp 1-23-2016

Like a flower
Her uniqueness forms into something beautiful
But you
You see her as just a fan
You say she is like the others
She is an individual
Hoping for you to see her as such
Her name is Vicki
She may seem hard and tough on the outside
But no
She is like a delicate flower
Waiting to bloom
To show off her beauty
You have seen her at full bloom
You have picked her petals
One by one
Just to watch them fall on the floor
To be stomped and crushed
You think nothing of it
To you its fun and games
It is torture
As I see her die
And only a bare stem is left
The beauty is gone
Will she come to full bloom again
Or is she dead forever

-Vonda Harp-

My friend Vonda wrote this for me. There are a few more.


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