{#30} “Burning Hell Fire” © May 3, 2016


The Guardian only thought of them
50 special chosen women
Burning Hell Fire
I fall straight through 
This time
It is all over
There is no happy place to hide
I will be doing something
That should NEVER be done
And the Guardian
Will not come to help
When is it too late to stop?
When it is sealed with a kiss?
From the devil himself, maybe?
What’s done is not set in stone 
Needing to stop the future?
When there is no time left?
A suffocating soul
Drowning with guilt
As crimson waves rush to comfort
Life’s choices
They were always wrong 
This last personal choice 
Pleasure or pain?
Painfully wrong
There is an option to back out
Tagged are the 50 women
To whom will receive
His helping hand of love
Reading all the names on the list
One by one
My name is not there
The Guardian only thought of them
His chosen few
In the solitude 
Burning Hell Fire 
I burn


71 women are now tagged
I am not one of them
I never belonged


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