{#26} “Why Flagstaff?” © March 29, 2016


“Why Flagstaff?”
Sitting in deep thought
In the deep waters of a hot tub
Being strangled by a bathing suit
That is altogether too flipping tight
How could I forget mine at home?
This is all I really wanted to do
Sit in a hot tub
Excuse me
Spa might be more politically correct
I seriously need to re-evaluate my priorities
How I feel about him
How he doesn’t feel about me
“Why Flagstaff?”
For almost 3 months now
I have been telling him
These are the avoidable dates for us to meet
He doesn’t read what I write
He doesn’t listen to hear what I say
Hells Bells
He doesn’t even remember what he says
Or his
Oh…so…thoughtful promises
That are never kept
And that hurts
So does this flipping too tight bathing suit
In deep thought
Why do I love him?
Because he is so different
Than any other man that I have ever known
I just can’t win in this situation
With him
This stupid bathing suit that is too tight
“Why Flagstaff?”, he asked



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