{#24} “Nobody To Blame” © February 25, 2015


There’s nobody to blame
Why me?
He knew I wasn’t strong
Maybe He just didn’t listen
It’s all just a little too late now
There is nobody to blame
My defenses are nonexistent
Thus, my failures
Leading myself into a failed life
I’m sorry mom
I’m sorry to my lost love
A love that I never knew
Not being good enough for anyone
Too stupid
Too fat
Too ugly
Never a girly girl
Though I wanted to be so badly
You were right all along mom
I never did anything suitable for your liking
Maybe my death
Will bring on a Gala Event
Round up all the losers
And party till ya die
The rotten mother that I was
My children will be so much better off now
I won’t be able to ruin their lives any longer
Did anyone ever listen to me?
It’s all too late
And there’s nobody to blame
Except me



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