{#22} “Haunted By Her Love” © February 16, 2016


A girl
Lost in time
I am now haunted by her love
And yet I fear her not
Wishing that we could have met
Before this cruel world
Treated her so unfairly
Somewhere in time
She is voiceless
But I feel her soul
Floating throughout the air around me
And her deep longing
To love again
A girl
Whose life was taken away
So violently
At such a young age
I cry
I apologize
This girl
Who is lost in time
I think we could have been friends
If only
We had the chance to meet
I am now haunted
By all of the news articles
That I have read about her
Some are decades old
Some written just yesterday
They tell of her foul demise
And still
I am haunted by her love
She will not be forgotten
As the sweetest memories
Are told by her family members
A beautiful girl
That is lost somewhere in time


Part 1 June 17, 2015  {#66} “Just Can’t Hold A Candle Next To You”
Part 2 February 16, 2016 {#21} “Haunted By Her Love”


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