{#20}”Keep Calm And Accept The Inevitable” © February 7, 2016


There were hundreds before
There have been hundreds during
There will be hundreds more
After me
I really don’t mind these issues
I keep calm
And I accept the inevitable
Our time together is so short
At this point
I just don’t feel
Like sharing that time
With anyone other than you
If that’s what will make you happiest
I will try
Just don’t be too surprised
If and when
I throw up
It’s not a jealousy thing
Like I said
With you
I accept the inevitable
I just don’t want to see it in front of my face
Not during our limited time together
That’s all I have of you
And I personally need
All of your undivided attention
If it will make you happy
I will try
So, don’t get mad
When I throw up
Just hold my hair back for me
And maybe wipe my face with a cool washcloth
I’ll need you to keep calm
And accept the inevitable with me



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