{#18} ” Bourgeois Baby” © February 1, 2016


We are lost in a fog
Bourgeois Baby
Clicky ass group
Stuck up socialites
Born from this status quo
Wealth and fame
Prominent figures on every page
The book reads on by itself
Beginning or ending
Could be played by either
Male or female
Pedigree is meaningless
Selective breeding
Through and through
A thoroughbred you are
In a live session
You could be caught off guard
As one can not hold a candle to you
Your true ugliness
Reflecting the shadows
Flash….Beware is the warning
Take heed
Petite bourgeoisie mentale
Is what I’m walking away from
You will no longer be able to penetrate
My loving and fragile human skin
I will not allow it
Bourgeois Baby
Calloused is your heart and soul
Indifferent to the suffering of others
Unbreak my heart if you please
As I will no longer adhere
To your every word as gospel
You are the devil in blue jeans
We are lost in a fog
Take my hand
I will still save you
Petty bourgeois bullshit
One way or the other
It will stop



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