{#15} “Coffee And Bacon And The Little Things” © January 29, 2016


How pathetic
Getting lost in the ambiance of Starbucks
It is my only real escape
Creating a personal Nirvana within myself
Notebook and pen ready
I try to write
“Miss Fifi” is called out
My order is now ready
Venti black coffee
Double Smoked bacon
On a fresh buttery croissant
The smell evoked a past memory
One to now write about
No one will ever read my story
Nor will the people it pertains to
Remember that moment

Certainly not the King
That rules over her entire Kingdom
It was early morning
Wanting to please her King
She brings him coffee and bacon
That had been carefully carried
All the way from a nearby village
She had arrived
Then softly knocking on his door
It opens up
Standing in front of her
So handsome
Is her perfect King
He takes her thoughtful gifts
Then shuts the door without saying a word
With tearful eyes
She walks away from Castle Franichevich
Knowing full well
It’s a world that she doesn’t belong in
He will never remember the little things
Like the Coffee and Bacon
Who did she think she was anyway?

“Miss Fifi”
Forgot my food
Now, sipping my coffee
Will never forget
Coffee and Bacon and the little things



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