{#13} “Her Everything” © January 24, 2016


Just the other night
When phone rang
It was him calling again
Just to chat
She loves talking to him
His voice is always so calm and soothing
And she seems to sleep better
After their talks
This time was a little different
Through the little white lies
That she has grown accustomed to
He asked
What am I to you?
Without any hesitation
She replies
My everything
I couldn’t hear you…he says
Her reply was soft
And maybe she was just saying too much
Exposing herself
But again she repeated
My everything
Years ago
She swore that she would never lie to him
No reason to start now
She had told him the truth
And will sleep better tonight
With him knowing how she really feels
Should she turn that question around
And ask him
What he thought of her
She really doesn’t want to know
If the real truth ever came out
It would most likely be devastating to her
His little white lies
Always feel so good
False promises of hope
And that’s just enough
For her to continue on living
She really does sleep better
When she receives his phone calls
Just because he is
And always will be
Her everything



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