{#12} “Claustrophobic” © January 23, 2016


Suffering with this irrational behavior
The unexcused anxiety
I feel as if I am confined
In a windowless room
Trapped inside of my own head
With open elevators going nowhere
For the next two weeks
Actual anxiety characteristics will worsen
And for all I know
It could be longer
Silence is deadly
They say
With the right tricks
There is a chance of potential leveraging
But there are side effects
That I might not be able to control
Mental endorphins, please
The blood flow to my brain has ceased
Sensory stimulation is needed now
A mental distraction
Just one word
Could temporarily set me free
I’ll drink my coffee
Play music loudly
Drawing the focus away
From my totally blank notebook
Is fighting this anxiety a possibility?
I have bottles of that
The recommendation of supplements
Just isn’t the same
Only the obvious is missing
Please, understand my inaudible S.O.S.
I can’t breath
I am claustrophobic



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