{#11} “Bye-bye Babboo” © January 17, 2016


Temporarily feeling like a Queen
He makes me smile
But alas
I fear the time draws nearer
For when I must say
Bye-bye to my sweet Babboo
Babboo is a little pet name
I made just for him
I can use it anytime
And nobody will know
Who I’m talking about
Probably not even him
As he doesn’t seem to hear what I say
He never listens to my words
And when he speaks
He doesn’t seem to care what he says either
He has no idea of his own words
I just smile because it is him
He always makes me smile
My oversized heart calls him Babboo
And this all makes me question
If he even has a heartbeat at all
One tiny heart of his own
With that being said
Just a little bit more everyday
This thought about him
Has me dying inside
I fear the time is drawing nearer
When I must say
Bye-bye to my sweet Babboo
Goodness, gracious, mercy sakes
As my Grandmother would say
There happens to be
A deep rooted problem within myself
I love him
And there was only one time
I might have said
I love you
This must have sunk into his thick skull
He must have really heard me this time
Because his reply
Really caught me off guard
Love is an idea? An idea? What?
That I made up in my mind?
I don’t think so
Tell that to the erupting magma
That lies deeply dormant within my soul
Scorching and burning
With every thought of him
Living life without him
I just can’t imagine it
Without my sweet Babboo?
With all the love and emotion
That I hold inside my heart
I fear now is the time
I must turn against myself
And say to him
Thank you for helping me to feel
Temporarily like a Queen

I will always love you

Bye-bye Babboo



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