{#9} “Tower Of Legends” © January 12, 2016


Deep in the marshes of Louisiana
There is a myth about a woman
They say she is mad
Crazy in the head
Up in a musty castle tower
The kind old legends are written about
She sits alone in a dark room
Not understanding the possibilities of hope
How could she
Silence fills the air
There has never been any exchange of words
As there are no visitors allowed
The only voice she hears is her own
When she is reading out loud
The scribbled stories that adorn
The concrete walls of her cell
Tales of a Prince
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
That will someday come
And rescue her from this Hell
Stories all written in blood
By past damsels in distress
That were never rescued
Fictional falsehoods
And on a full moon
The wickedness of others emerge
They all look so happy
Covered with diamonds and the finest silks
And they dance in the moonlight
What was that about a glass slipper
What does it matter anyway
The meaning is now lost
Pity the girl
She can never become whole
So for now
She will remain high up in her tower cell
And continue reading the stories of legends past
Then while she slumbers
She will dream of pretty glass slippers
And of a Prince
That doesn’t exist



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