{#8} “Habitual” © January 12, 2016


Habitual habit?
These words suggest a given action
An invariant psychology 
A progressive aspect
Thus remaining unchanged
Regardless of altered states
When acknowledged
A total candid condition
Irrelevant of any subject
But by habit alone
In some
There is no self-restraint 
It’s just a normal appetite
Indulgence gone wrong
On the receiving end
It is somewhat unfortunate 
Lying being a pathological symptom
Presenting stories in one’s favor
The result is
A frozen stage of development 
Anxiety and confusion for all concerned
Repercussions need firm boundaries
Blowing caution to the wind
I hate and abhor all falsehoods
But I love the instructions
That are given for safekeeping
Must you ask…

What is my habitual habit is?



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