{#6} “The Note” © January 10, 2016


Why don’t they just leave her alone
But the note had been tucked
Neatly into her locker
It was signed
“Your friend, Anonymous”
A vigilante of her lifestyle 
One that they were not accustomed to
Reading it with tears in her eyes
The hand written note said
“If He wanted you in his life
You would already be there”
Taking the note home for another reading
And being accustomed to the dark in every sense of the meaning
For a better interpretation 
She decided to light a candle
Then looking deep into the candles flame 
Alone for no one else to see
She turned up the music and danced naked
From the beginning of time
This is the way it has always been
And until the end of her time
The way it will always be
Her private world of escape 
Executing it with great caution
As there is no one to catch her when she breaks
And into the flame
Her fantasies will burn
Along with the note that read
“If He wanted you…”



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