{#162} “Justification” © December 30, 2015


The justification 
Not understanding
Makes for partial madness
Please, clarify your words
Justifying the means
Would help calm the storm
That is brewing within me
Her and I …you say
If I lived nearer to you
You would have to treat me
In the same manor
As you do her
Am I that obnoxious?
I would never invade your personal space
I’ll be damned if I would power wash your driveway
If anything
You will come to me
I don’t need such drama
I do need you
You and I
Have a functional dysfunction type of relationship 
A partial madness together
Without a flipping mention of HER
I am not her
I am nothing like her
I can’t stand the fact
That you even think about us
In the same mind frame
Time frame
Just stop that now
Justify the means
Clarify yourself
I need to have a better understanding of this
I am faithful
As I know she has not been with you
And then of course
There is you
A “condition” worth understanding 
Be my partial madness
The justification 



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