{#160} “Is It…?” © December 28, 2015


It is…
And it was said
That I am only
A fan
A groupie
Is that not a fact?
Again I’ll say it
A little louder this time
I do agree with you to a point
I guess that is how it all started
But by now
After all that has been said and done
I was hoping for a little more feeling
For the very first time
My eyes opened wide
When you were saying
That I was just in love
With the idea of being in love
Is that so wrong?
Who sets the rules for falling in love anyway?
And also
To me anyway
There is a big difference between
Sex and making love
Maybe, you’ve just lost that somewhere
Though sadly
You will not find it here
Never stop looking
As for myself 
A fan
A groupie
Call me whatever
My heart knows
It is……



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