{#157} “Merry Christmas” © December 24, 2015


It’s Christmas Eve
Walking out to the mail box
Checking it for the 9th time
Still empty
Like the now uninhabited heart
There was once
A gentle rhythmic drumming 
Deep within ones soul
It has stopped
Now painfully
Cold and vacant
You can see the iciness
Filling the tearful eyes
Tears that fall
Like shards of broken glass
Promises said in the dark
Just bold lies
Inconsiderately without meaning
There was no reason to say anything
Those words have persecuted long enough
A card
It was as simple as a card
That’s all it would have taken
The heart has been a playground
Toyed with and left unattended 
Abandoned without restraints
Careless whispers
Held altogether too closely to the heart
A heart
That now lies alongside
The broken shards of tears
By the still empty mailbox
Blowing the last kisses upward
As seen by heavenly fairies
They help to light up the sky
With the words
“Merry Christmas”



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