{#152} “Elliptical” © December 19, 2015


I blog my thoughts and feelings 
Do I share everything?
Not at all
What I let the world see
Is only a small snippet of my resources 
Piles of words
Meaningless to the naked eye
I will destroy myself with these words
Do you even see
The same sky as I do?
I seriously doubt it
Our worlds are so different 
We should have never crossed paths
And yet
These worlds of ours
More than once
Have collided in time
When you look up at the night sky
Can you see all the beautiful stars
The same way that I do
Yours just happen lay
In  a totally different galaxy
Than mine
You never really saw me either 
Did you?
I am a sputnik
Floating aimlessly
And you, my love
Are a God



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