{#149} “At A Distance” © December 15, 2015


Kept at a distance
He said
If she ever had the chance
To spend time with him
Without the stress of his busy agenda 
Quality time
She would find out
That she would really like him
The true person inside of the facade 
This makes her mind wonder why in the world
He would ever say such a thing to her
From the very beginning
She felt the truth
The strong connection between them
And then with those words
A mental bookmarking of 1145
Refurbished her mind with temporary happiness 
Except for one undeniable fact
He will never allow that much needed
And desired
Quality time together
Exchanging feelings and inner most thoughts
Being too vulnerable 
It is not a weakness 
But a key to total intimacy 
This is why
He keeps her
At a distance 



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