{#148} “The Essence Of You” © December 13, 2015


Early in morning
I question my own sanity 
And everything that has happened since
I held the essence of you
In my hands
Did it really happen?
How did all of this begin?
Then it all twisted into reality
I sit here with my cup of coffee
Pondering over memories
I know that my coffee cup is real
I can touch it’s warmth
I’ve touched pieces of my past
Brought a few physical pieces home
They are now right in front of me
I can also touch them
Nothing seems as once was
This is why I like touching things
I can capture that
Holding it in my mind
Of touching time
And that exact moment
In my hands
Was the essence of you
I’ve touched perfection
As I am drinking my morning coffee
Memories flood my mind
Recalling the touch
Did this happen?




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