{#146} “High Maintenance Player” © December 6, 2015


High maintenance player
She was smitten by his good lineage
He should have come with warning labels 
Did she not see
All the gold rings that 10 fingers can hold?
The red flags were waving in front of her
But blinded by his suave debonair style
High maintenance player
She needs him
Her friends tell her
She really doesn’t  need anyone but herself 
Oh joy
Not knowing what is in her heart
It is so easy for them to judge
Blame him
No, blame her
She needs him
He completes her everything
Life meant nothing
Until he accidently entered her life
Or she entered his
Coming in through the out door
Now leaving the same way
She needs him
Hit after Hit
With his unknowingly verbal slams
Or his gold records
She plays continuously night after night
He is just so far out of her league 
High maintenance player
She never stood a chance
And yet
She needs him
Too bad
Red Flag
She loves him too much
High maintenance player



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