{#144} “Achtung Baby” © December 4, 2015


Undesirable is she for the liking
So at the crossroads she stands as one
Passion or Death
He gives her the much needed passion
Consequences by and from him
Lead her to the pathway of death
Detour amongst us?
Irregular erratic emotional twerk
Wandering closer towards deaths door
Passion also kills, Pussycat
Damned…if you do
Damned…if you don’t
Pull your head out of your arse
His arse you say?
Very nice, but
No significance in this unpredictable superlative incident 
Makes no nevermind 
Falling is the hardest part
With such an erupted ending
That path
It was chosen long before birth
Freakish aberrance
Achtung Baby 
Can you
Dance this mess around?
Undesirable vapid mess that you are
That he so happens to unlike at any given whim
He is just taking out the trash
And I am the trash



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