{#143} “The Unliking Of Fifi” © December 2, 2015


More than once
It has been mentioned
That he has tried to unlike me
Maybe now
With all that has been said and done
I might have just given him
Enough of what he calls ammo 
So he can finally release himself
Of any peer pressure
That he might endure 
By liking me
Just hit the button and unlike me
Get it over with
I’ve invested two years of my life into him
So I just don’t understand why
He would want to unlike me
Guess that I am just not good enough
The way I am now
Here is the proof of that
He asked me this question
“Are you continuing to lose anymore weight?”
With excitement I said,
“Why yes, can you tell? ”
His reply was
A painful direct ouch
So, I am fat…unlike me
I am poor…unlike me
I am dishonest….unlike me
I bought my son breakfast
Billed it to his room
Felt totally guilty and told him about it
I now stand accused
Of billing mega amounts more to his room
I did not
And honestly
There is nothing in this world
That he could say
Nothing he could do
To make me unlike him
If he wants to unlike me
Be it so
He told me he is a screamer
So just once
Before it is all over
I want to hear him scream
I get goosebumps thinking of what I would be doing 
To make him scream
I love all the passion that fills his soul
I am just wishing 
And hoping
And dreaming of the day
That he no longer feels the need to
Unlike me
I really do like him
If the unliking of Fifi is going to happen
I pray he let’s me down gently 
My heart
Is so vulnerable 
To him



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