{#140} “AU REVOIR” © NOVEMBER 30, 2015


When I write this poem
You will know that it is about you
Who else would I write about?
Believe me when I say
That no matter what name you use
As I have been warned
Those names are all one in the same
Amobic scum
My bad for falling in love with you
And there you are
Bragging about all the good you do for others
I know you so much better than you think
I know the awful truth
It took a lot to break me
But it is done
I wash my hands of you
So now
Go ahead my love 
Screw all your little Dollies
Anime hotties
Never think of me again
Who am I kidding?
You never thought of me anyway
My bad
Prince Fuckem’over 
These are just a few of the names
That my real friends call you
They do not like you
In fact
Even though
They continue to hate you
If you ever happen to step foot in my place of employment
They will gladly tell you so
Why do you think I don’t want anyone to know
I came to this place today to meet up with you
I am pathetic 
I was blindsided by your total bullshit
Liar, liar pants on fire
But that harsh reality slap in the face
I let myself fall in love with you
I let myself become vulnerable 
Never again
All men are assholes
You are no different, Assman
Good Night
Au revoir



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