{#138} “Darlin’ Of My Heart” © November 25, 2015


You are my heart
That I wear openly on my sleeve
I respect you altogether too much
To jeopardize our friendship
I refuse to spread the rumors 
That others are saying
I realize these are just false
Rumorous lies
But these would hurt you
As well as they are hurting me now
I will never tell you
All the deceitful rotten things that I have heard
I respect you
I totally adore everything about you
I love you with all of me
But these false accusations
That I have NEVER spoken
Have been inserted into my mouth
By all the others
Who say they also love you
So, please
If there is ever a problem
Come to me
Talk to me
I am like an open door
Open for any discussion 
Never to close upon you
The one…. that I truly adore
All of this
Has left me with a deep fear
Of losing you
I would simply die
If any of this has jeopardized our friendship 
Respect and honesty 
Are the keys to us
You are my everything
You are my heart



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