{#133} “I Just Can’t” © November 9, 2015


I just can’t
Don’t let me make this decision alone
With every inch of my being
Wanting this to happen
I just can’t
But in my heart
I love you so much
Than I have ever loved anyone else
I feel as if you don’t even see me
Look at me
What am I to you anyway?
Just another woman
Just like all the other countless women
That you use nightly
To toss aside when you are through
Look at me
Do you see that I am a person
You only used me once
But after you were done with me
I produced feelings of hurt
Which opened my eyes to your world
You use my friends for your pleasure too
In your mind
Do we all mean absolutely nothing to you?
As it is now
My heart
The heart that loves you so much
I just can’t
As for my friends
They also love you as much as I do
Be it so
I can’t change that
Nor do I want to
I can however
Change the here and now for myself
This is why
I just can’t
That would be betray my friends trust
They are my friends
I thought you were my friend too
I pray feverishly that you still are
Look at me
Talk to me
If not…
I just can’t



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