{#132} “Jump” © November 3, 2015


You said jump
I would have done anything
For you
And I did
Not even a “Thank you”
It could have been a quick
Tap on your phone to message
You chose not to reply
Wish you could see my facial expression now
It has gone from admiration and love
To despise 
You expect all of us
Your adoring friends
{I use the term friends loosely}
Male and Female
To do all these favors for you
Have you ever thanked anyone of us?
I have heard stories
From more than one person
That strongly suggest
Well, there’s no more from me
Until I hear an honest thank you
It all stops here and now
You have made this transition for me
Really easy
You have hundreds of other friends
Just like me
That will go on and continue to
Willing to do everything you ask
Just go to them from now on
Until I hear those 2 simple words
“Thank you”
I am done
If you want
I will continue to be your friend
An “equal” partner
I will stop being the girl you told to
Maybe it’s just the “Mom ” in me
Expecting a thank you from an adult
I just won’t expect anything
Neither should you
Until I hear you say
“Thank you”
Maybe you should
Jump…..on that


This is just me writing. Frustrated with my children. Nothing more, nothing less…
I’ve tried to teach my children to say thank you. They still do not say please or thank you for anything. Maybe it’s my fault because they expect me to give them everything as I always have since they were born. Entitlement? I have stopped giving them everything and that hurts my heart. I don’t understand why. I try to always say please and thank you. If I have ever forgotten these words…”Thank you”
Please, forgive me.
Thank you


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