{#129} “Confabulation” © October 29, 2015


Dare I dream?
Is this going to be a reality?
Tears stain my paper with wonder
A mixture of joy and fear
Unpredictable is the future
Scared is my heart
That is beating deep within my chest
Afraid to trust
I feel the need to protect myself
Dare I dream?
365 days of dreaming
Year after year
Is this going to be a reality?
If only for a day
Too fast
Is my heart still beating rhythmically?
And this is only a dream
I am thinking altogether too much
A false reality building in my mind?
Am I just fooling myself?
A conscious intention to deceive?
I did trust once
But my expectations were too high
Should I trust again?
Yes, but this time
Expecting nothing in return 
I will give 100% more this time
As I could get lost
In his blue eyes
And it is said
Getting lost sharpens the imagination 
Dare I dream?



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