{#128} “Final Letter” © October 27, 2016


By reading this
Do you think he might realize
Will he finally understand
That this is the end
My final letter
I know that I once said
That I was in it for the long haul
I guess that makes me a liar
A compulsive one at that
Repetitive usage
So be it
I am a liar
My inspiration has run dry
Like the sands of a hot desert
Blowing away in the wind
You once called me your
“Desert Colored Girl”
It’s all gone
And there I stand in the sand
Blowing kisses into the wind
It is now time to walk away
From the only man
That I have ever truly loved
So the story goes
It was just infatuation
A deep yearning/lust for his mind
The sweet talker he is
The time is now
To be axed from this long haul
A much informed decision
And yes
Ive had help coming to this point
Friends were saying
“Bad life choices”
Who me?
This shall now be the end
My final letter
Incapacitating my life
He administered a potent enough dose
Of himself onto me
That….. should last the rest of my life
My friends tell me to
“Just say NO”
I stand here blowing
One last kiss into the wind
My final answer is….
Who am I saying no to?
My friends or him?
Or both….
It all hurts



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